“In my younger and more vulnerable days,” evenings were spent learning the art of climbing at our local climbing gym. As fate would have it, some of the first modern generation tree climbers started to frequent the gym and after a few climbing trips we became life long friends. 20 Years later, the four of us all own and operate tree companies. Our story has always been one of following your passion and learning with your friends.


When i founded Green Trees, it was with the intention of raising the industry standards by having the utmost concern for the impact of tree conservation for our planet. Industry standard is, unfortunately, to spike trees unnecessarily and top trees on a regular basis.


This is not sustainable. With proper training and knowledge, we have discovered how to sustainably recover trees and only if necessary, remove them. All of our climbers are trained in advanced climbing techniques for minimal impact on the tree and surrounding landscape, as well as pruning techniques to extend the lifespan of the trees we work to preserve.”

– James Putnam, Founder, Certified Arborist

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