Hemlock Treatment

Hemlock Treatment

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The hemlock trees in the Chattanooga area are under attack by an invasive foreign insect known as woolly adelgid. With no natural predators, once infested, the tragic loss of these majestic trees usually occurs within 2-5 years of infestation. Although we can treat all stages of hemlock infestation we have found that the best results occur from early intervention and proper treatment to preserve and correct the attacks from these foreign invaders. Early intervention is essential because once an infestation has occurred the trees can be saved but they will never be the same majestic trees they once were before. Hope can be found if the loss of needles has occurred at the bottoms of the trees. If this is so, new growth will prosper from the top of the tree once it has been treated properly. We have found that treatment proves to be most beneficial when environmental conditions are at their best. Our company believes that application time is of the utmost importance.


After following up with current customers, Green Trees have found that other companies will treat these trees in a drought. This is a waste of time and money and is not beneficial in proper treatment techniques. Green Trees insures the most effective treatment implemented at the appropriate time to provide the most methodical use of our customer’s money. Green Trees was one of the introductory companies in Chattanooga to counter woolly adelgid.


The love for hemlock preservation initially started in the mid 2000’s following a climbing trip that originated in looking glass North Carolina. Once we had ascended 500 ft. of the wall, looking afar all that could be seen was miles of innumerable skeletons of what had once been flourishing healthy hemlocks. This discovery created a mission and let to the start of many hemlock treatments to come. The first hemlock infestation transpired in Virginia in the 50’s and has steadily been affecting the west ever since. Tennessee has been privileged enough to be on the westernmost range of the eastern hemlocks. To Green Trees, this has created an awe inspiring opening to possibly prevent these infestations. We can learn and become more competent in the preservation of hemlocks from our eastern neighbors in order to restore and preserve these beautiful trees to what they once were and hopefully continue this preservation for many generations to come.

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